about the setting

Lucha Quest does not take place in “our world”; instead, it is based in an entirely fictional continent with a geography and history loosely inspired by real life South America.  As a result, not all symbols, peoples, religions, (etc…) exist or mean the same thing.  The time period is vaguely the Wild West era, but certain areas have advanced technologically.  Lucha Libre, in its various forms, is the basic law of the land, and is used to settle most conflicts.  There are some peoples who attach deep, mythological roots to lucha libre, while others merely view it as the basic rules of conflict.

about the characters

Main Characters:

tactoTacto: the de facto leader, a confident, grumpy luchador trying (and failing) to be a silent loner.

solHija del Sol: a mysterious luchadora from the desert seeking to free her village from a gang of bandits.

vellonVellón: a kind and gentle shepard from the mountains.

maizMaíz: a cheerful luchadora from the plains with everything to prove.

pescadoPescado: an insecure luchador from the river basin in the rainforest.

about the author

Harrison Grey is a part time comic artist/writer, and full time insomniac.  He enjoys cartoons, superheroes, music with weirdly specific genre names, and sleeping.  He has a very high cheese tolerance, which explains why he thought it would be a good idea to write a webcomic about luchadores.  He currently lives in Texas with his cat, dog, and other cat.

Commisions are currently open.

Line Art (1 figure):  $25

Colored, no/light background (1 figure): $35

Colored, detailed background (1 figure): $50

$10 for each additional figure

Paypal only, payment up front, please.

To commision a piece, please send message to harrisongreyart@gmail.com.