Book 1: The Trials of the Leader



1 page

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So a Luchador Walks into a Bar

11 pages


 2. a Luchador Walks into a Bar thumbnail

Beware the Highwayman

11 pages

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Dark Water

6 pages

Dark Water thumbnail


Mascara Contra Mascara

7 pages

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Everyone Loves the Circus

7 pages

6. Everyone Loves the Circus


Mystery Prize

6 pages

7. Mystery Prize


If Anyone Objects to This Union…

8 pages

8. Objection


Beyond the Sea

16 pages

9. Beyond the Sea

On Golden Shores

7 pages

10. On Golden Shores


Book 2:  The Spirit of the T├ęcnico


Incredible Pairings

12 pages

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15 pages

12. Homecoming thumbnail



14 pages

13. Within thumbnail


The Hunter

8 pages

14. The Hunter thumbnail


The Peak

8 pages

15. The Peak thumbnail


Coming Soon…

Book 3