Alright, announcement time: production time on each page is taking longer than it used to.  As my own skills have improved, the level of detail in the artwork has increased; you’ve probably noticed that Book 4 is utilizing the 9-panel grid, and that is consistently a lot of work per page; and beyond just my work on the comic, I’ve been spending more time doing practice art just to improve my skills.  Some of what I’ve learned in recent months has made it into the comic itself and I think everything looks much better because of it.  This has led a struggle in keeping up with my comic’s posting schedule, and I’ve had many weeks in the recent past where I simply wasn’t able to post.  The easiest solution to this is the rearrange the schedule to allow longer production time, even if it means posting a little less often.

Starting this May, Lucha Quest will be posting three times a month, on the 10th, the 20th, and the 30th.  I really don’t want to slow down too much, because I’m impatient and I want the story to keep moving at a decent pace, but I simply need more time to keep up the level of quality that I’ve worked to get this comic to.  So be aware, the next page won’t be until May 10th.  Thank you everyone who’s reading.